Your apartment can have the appearance and feel of a well lived in home.  The mindset that your apartment has to be cold and uninviting should be the farthest idea from your head.  Apartment living is a great way to save money and you have the freedom of moving around as you please.  Decorating your apartment cheaply will make you feel good when you entertain, and when enjoying your place on your own. Here are ideas to cheaply decorate and furnish your apartment and to make it the best it can be. SALES: Yard, garage, and discount stores are the best place to find décor items for cheap! Furniture, wall décor, and storage items don’t need to be bought brand new.  You can find beds and couches and spruce them up with mattress covers and slip covers.

7 Cheap Ideas to Decorate Your Apartment 1

ONLINE CLASSIFIEDS: Websites like Craigslist, Backpages, and other free online classifieds are great resource for finding décor.  Often time’s people are moving out of their homes and need to get rid of items fast and cheaply.  Estate sales are also published in online classifieds as well. Estate sales are trying to sell the belongings of a deceased person. They can also be from individuals who can’t financially afford their belongings. Take advantage of these because the items may be hard to find bargains! DO IT YOURSELF: Believe it or not, you and some friends may be able to assemble anything you put your mind to. Do it yourself tables, chairs, and entertainment centers can save you money.  Stores like Ikea have made their entire business centered around merchandise that you can assemble yourself.  Ikea has décor and storage ideas for every budget, and every assembly skill level.

7 Cheap Ideas to Decorate Your Apartment 2

LOFT BEDS: Loft beds are a cheap way to accommodate several people in a small space.  Loft beds are reminiscent of bunk beds, which take advantage of vertical space. Loft beds can be bought at furniture stores, garage sales, or check college dorm and apartment bulletin boards for quick sales. Even if you don’t have a lot of people in your apartment, loft beds can house a bed on top and a desk area beneath to save valuable space in your bedroom. DOLLAR STORES: These stores have come a long way from when they only sold car fresheners and cheap soap! Try to find dollar stores that offer home décor, cleaning products, storage items, kitchen utensils, etc… You may be pleasantly surprised to see that you can decorate and have all your essentials for your apartment for a small amount of money. ADD COLOR: Bring color into your apartment with bed and bath accessories that can change the atmosphere instantly! Coordinating bed linen, curtains, and an area rug can make your drab space look pulled together with minimum effort and cost.  Matching shower curtain, towels, and bath rugs will make you feel and look good in your bathroom.

7 Cheap Ideas to Decorate Your Apartment 3

COLLECTIBLES: Do you collect movie posters or have a collection of vintage Coke bottles? Why not use them as décor in your apartment? Décor doesn’t have to be purchased. Use your collections to display them on walls, in shadow boxes, or on a shelf to bring instant personalized décor to your apartment.  You will be surprised how collections can be a clever focal point for a room. The amount of money you spend in your apartment can be minimal when armed with resources to find quality items. Remember, there is always someone moving in and out of apartments and homes.  Take advantage of these resources, and do the same when you move out of your apartment. Freshome reader’s – Have some helpful tips on how you have saved money in decorating your place?

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