Anarchitecture Blog revealed a graphic from the place you possibly can see how a lot floor space one will get for each 50,000€ (about USD $seventy three,four hundred) in numerous cities on the planet. I’m positive that these numbers are simply aproximative, as a result of the worth is dependent upon many elements. You can see some elements that may affect the worth of house in 10 Things You Should Know Before Buying an Apartment an article that I’ve wrote a couple of months in the past.

How much Surface Area You Get for €50,000 in Cities Around the World 1

m2 Sq. foot New York A.B forty four.M Tokyo S.S seventy two.M Sydney H.N ninety five.H Shanghai 21.H 231.A Berlin 22.S 243.A Beijing 30.A 327.P Dubai fifty nine.H 643.S

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