The Secrets to Making your Apartment Feel Like Home 1

You just moved the last moving box into your new apartment and for some reason the blank walls and missing your last cozy home are all reminders that your new apartment will need a lot of design help.  Whether you don’t know where to start or you think your small place won’t be able to compare to your last spacious place – here are some secret tips to make your apartment feel like home. After all – your home is where you lay your hat, meaning: make it your home regardless of where you are. Here are ideas to get your apartment feeling like yours! Smaller apartments need less items, not less sentiment:  Many apartment dwellers think that moving into a new apartment means they don’t have anything that truly belongs to them. Reverse this thinking and instead bring in sentimental items that mean a lot to you regardless of how large or small your apartment is. One dynamic piece of artwork, a sculpture that a friend made for you, or even your favorite chair can be enough to create a designed and comfortable room around. Determine what items you love, then display them throughout your apartment and make them the focal point. Over a mantle, over a bed, on a blank wall – make your sentimental items the focus and focus less on the fact that your new apartment is empty.

The Secrets to Making your Apartment Feel Like Home 2

Simple organization goes a long way: Apartments are notorious for having very little space and making your apartment feel like home will also depend on how you functionally find items and enjoy living in your space. Kitchen and bathrooms are the two rooms that organization is essential. If your apartment allows you to install shelves, consider using vertical wall space to install shelving, overhead hooks or pot racks, and optimize back and front of closet and linen closet doors. Hidden storage is another trick in making your apartment feel like home. Get creative with underbed storage in your bedrooms and build a DIY closet organizer to take full advantage of vertical space that you probably forgot about.

The Secrets to Making your Apartment Feel Like Home 3

Natural light will create a warm glow in any apartment:  Making your apartment feel like home has more to do with the feeling of safety, comfort and creating a space you want to grow in by yourself, roommate (s) or family members. Open up windows and clean them to let in natural sunlight and use light colored materials if your apartment is smaller than you’d like. White, camel, mushroom, and neutral colors are ideal for letting light reflect off of surfaces. This secret ensures your interiors feel warm, cozy and inviting. Soften the lines of your window with window treatments and instantly add softness to your apartment without much fuss.

The Secrets to Making your Apartment Feel Like Home 4

Bring color into your apartment to change it instantly: For many apartment owners the disenchantment of staring at white walls isn’t inviting and can feel impersonal. Painting your walls if permitted is a cost-effective way to add color. If you can’t paint the walls consider using wall decals, fabric pinned to the walls or artwork to transform your walls until you decide to move. Another secret trick to try is to create a color palette theme throughout your apartment. Choose 2-3 colors and use them throughout the main living spaces in your apartment. This will create a unified theme and help to create a cohesive apartment home. You will be surprised how carrying out a color theme will help make your apartment feel and look larger and more inviting.

The Secrets to Making your Apartment Feel Like Home 5

Your apartment home is the perfect place to start a new chapter of your life and it shouldn’t feel like a daunting task. Use these tips for bringing sentimental pieces to your decor, letting in natural light/colors and organizing throughout your apartment to make your new place feel like home. You will be surprised how a few minor design elements can create an apartment that you love to call “home”.

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