No longer deemed as dark and dingy storage spaces that time forgot, attic spaces are now utilized as valuable extensions of the modern home. However, the tricky ceiling angles and variable wall heights can still perplex a homeowner as to the best way to achieve a practical and stylish layout, so we have put together a selection of the best designs which cover an entire spectrum of uses.

Attic Spaces 1

Attics are commonly harnessed as extra sleep space, and they do indeed make great bedrooms for either children or adults; a small child shouldn’t have too much trouble living with a slightly reduced ceiling height, and a floor hugging platform bed can provide the perfect dimensions under low sloping eaves, ensuring an adults head doesn’t meet a ceiling beam with a bump each morning!

Attic Spaces 2

Attic Spaces 3

Above 3 via Casa Bella Useful storage space under the lowest part of the eaves can be masked off from the rest of daily life neatly and cheaply with the installation of simple curtains, rather than expensive bespoke cabinetry.

Attic Spaces 4

Attic Spaces 5

Attic Spaces 6

Attic Spaces 7

Above 4 via Rusu Ruslan

Attic Spaces 8

By Tuisuz

Attic Spaces 9

Dropped ceilings can often spark more interesting layout ideas; a cozy snug can be formed with low slung television cabinets and dipped seating, and built-in desks can make an ideal study area out of an awkward bulkhead.

Attic Spaces 10

Attic Spaces 11

Above 3 by Sergey

Attic Spaces 12

By Bogdan Stancu

Attic Spaces 13

Photo IngalillSnitt Via French By Design Even kitchen and bathroom layouts can work in an attic room, obviously wall cabinets are a no-go under a deep sloping roof, but these can still be utilized on a full height diving wall where available. Open shelving can be stepped to accommodate the climbing angle of the perimeter for an attractive and practical use of corner spaces.

Attic Spaces 14

By Arjun Samar

Attic Spaces 15

Via Artes Design

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