Every so often we club together a collection of excellent exteriors for you to bask in the glory of, so here are our latest picks to give you a little visual holiday away from the city streets and repetitive house fronts.

Excellent Exteriors 1

Peeping over a lush grassy verge, this doubly rectangular residence appears to have lost its end wall, as though the owners have broken down the boundary to become part of the beautiful nature that surrounds them.

Excellent Exteriors 2

The massive glazed panels along the side of this home allow unobstructed viewing of the trees-one of which grows straight up through the raised deck on the approach to the house.

Excellent Exteriors 3

A theatrical feeling is evoked by the raised platforms of this home, as though the homeowners are about to take the stage.

Excellent Exteriors 4

A more traditional feeling is created is this grand example of architecture, with sloping roofs and timber pillars typical of a ski chalet.

Excellent Exteriors 5

There is something slightly alien about this one, in that it looks a little like a spaceship, or at least a piece of one. That huge viewing window would make the perfect place for star gazing in a clear night sky.

Excellent Exteriors 6

Another spaceship reminiscent piece contrasts in angular shape with it’s sweeping surroundings, yet is sympathetic to the natural hues.

Excellent Exteriors 7

Careful planting creates a splash of color worthy of a canvass in this garden, and the white walls of the property graciously allow it to sing.

Excellent Exteriors 8

Excellent Exteriors 9

Excellent Exteriors 10

Excellent Exteriors 11

What better way to embrace your green surroundings than to add a blanket of lawn to your roof? A roof garden is a lovely way to help replace plants lost under the footprint of the house-or indeed to replant them in the same place, just a couple of stories higher!

Excellent Exteriors 12

Excellent Exteriors 13

Excellent Exteriors 14

This regimented patio attempts to tame its natural habitat with straight calculated lines.

Excellent Exteriors 15

Excellent Exteriors 16

Excellent Exteriors 17

Excellent Exteriors 18

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