Fresh New Design Look for Freshome + Collect This Idea Feature 1

We’ve been working furiously for the past few months, updating our site design page by page. With this new redesign we’ve not only completed a visual upgrade that offers a cleaner, more functional design but we’ve also been making a lot of backend changes, cleaning up our code and implementing the newest technology in order to cut down on page load time and make smarter (and fewer) data calls. We also wanted to make sure that Freshome looks beautiful on any screen, so we’ve made the design responsive, so that it scales with whatever device you’re using. If you land on a smartphone, tablet, or large desktop monitor, you’ll find that the content and layout suits the size of your screen. New FRESH Feature : Collect this Idea Button Over time lots of people told us that they would like to be able to create an account and save their favorite pictures / projects and be able to visit them later. After we’ve spent some time thinking at this new feature we decided to do it. So if you are going with your mouse over a picture you will see in the upper left corner the Collect this Idea Button ( example below ). P.S – We just launched this new feature and we’re going to improve it with time, so please be patient and feel free to come up with some feedback on how we can improve this experience.

Fresh New Design Look for Freshome + Collect This Idea Feature 2

Now if you’ll click that button our system will ask you to create an account or log in into an existing account. After completing this step, you will be able to start collecting the ideas you like the most and organise them in your own folders inside your account.

Fresh New Design Look for Freshome + Collect This Idea Feature 3

We hope you like the new look and the new Collect this Idea Feature.  Remember, we’ve made these changes with you in mind, please feel free to let us know what you think by leaving a comment on this post.  We look forward to hearing from you …and don’t forget to create an account a start collecting your favourite pictures / projects. Enjoy the new FRESHOME !  

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