Shoes can cause a real mess and undesirable look in the dressing or the bedroom if there’s no specific place where they can be stored. That’s why we need more practical storage units designed especially for shoes; not necessarily expensive units, sometimes there are very clever solutions that are less expensive and can do the job successfully! If you are looking for the best shoes’ storage ways, follow this post with 5 creative ideas to help you in keeping your shoes protected and organized while keeping on the esthetic look of the room. If you have a big number of pairs of shoes, why not organize them in boxes that are organized in a shelf of a super large size? But not in any boxes! To find the pair you’re looking for easily, you will need a storage box with two holes where you can enter the pair and get it out easily; for that you can keep the boxes where shoes were put when you bought them, and then it’s not difficult to take the size of the shoe to open suitable holes like windows where boots and sneakers are seen and protected. You can also get the boxes in two different colors to separate men’s shoes from women’s shoes. Don’t forget the decorative side; Just try to choose the prettiest boxes. For women only, there is a very creative solution which is a bar suspended on the wall where you can hang your high-heel shoes easily; this way you will save space by using the wall surface and at the same time, feminine shoes in different colors will create, themselves, a very attractive look. If you do have a lot of storage boxes that you want to benefit from them to store shoes rather that getting a new unit; go for that, but here is a good idea to avoid making a mess every time you look for a pair; capture a picture for each pair and stick each one on the right box! If you can’t customize a special corner in your dressing for shoes’ storage, you can get one of those folding closets made of fabrics. Place it anywhere you want; it has a cover, so shoes are even hidden and since it’s hidden it doesn’t damage the clean look! A good idea is to write the name of each person using this unit on the side where his or her shoes are placed.

Practical Ideas to Store Shoes in a Decorative Way 1

Practical Ideas to Store Shoes in a Decorative Way 2

Practical Ideas to Store Shoes in a Decorative Way 3

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