If you bought a new studio apartment and are about to design and furnish it, then there are many aspects that you need to consider. You should use practical furniture in order to provide you with all that’s necessary, while at the same time a decorative look is achieved. This amazing studio apartment shows a live example of how great designing can be achieved along with practicality even in the smallest spaces, it has a space of only 31 square meters. First off, white color was mainly used as the color of all the rooms’ walls; this is actually a very smart move as small spaces are best to be seen in light colors like white to make them seem big, while dark colors can really tighten the space. When you enter this apartment you’ll find a hallway where two rooms are found on the left and the reception is facing the door at the end of the hallway. The reception actually acts as a bedroom and living room at the same time, you can find a wide black sofa that you can also sleep on, a table, wardrobe, a shelving unit that an LCD is places above it, and at one corner of the room you can find a wooden table with a chair that is used as a desk. You’ll also find two windows that are enclosed in glass and wood to allow the passage of sun light to the room, they are beautifully finished. Decorative items are a amazingly used in this space with lots of different colors to make the room more lively, you can find a pot of pink flowers on the table that centers this room, they look very unique and have a great impact on the look of the room, another small pot of flowers and a candle holder are placed on the shelf that’s found at the window. Parquet flooring is used in this room in light beige wood color as well as the hallway; wood reflects a great appeal to the look of the room, and its look is decorated using two small rugs. For more storage, wooden shelves are mounted against the wall between the two windows where books were kept on them. The other two rooms are used as a kitchen and bathroom. Concerning the kitchen, it is totally installed in a really small room, but the first smart thing done in it that is certain to catch your eye is the contrast between the black and white flooring tiles used that really add a luxurious touch to the room. One side of the kitchen’s room gathered all necessary furniture, you can see a kitchen sink cabinet including two sinks, then the kitchen burner that comes with a stove, and some cupboards for storage; all were installed next to each other in a practical way that doesn’t occupy a lot of space. A refrigerator is then put in front of the sink cabinet and beside it you will see a small high table, two stools, and a wooden shelf above the table to store books or magazines so that you can drink some tea or have a quick snack in your kitchen. The window of the kitchen was finished using glass enclosures with white wooden frames, and a beautiful plant was added to give a simple decorative healthy look. The walls of the kitchen are painted in white, while the kitchen splash was covered with white ceramic tiles. Now about the bathroom, white ceramic tiles were used to cover the walls, while the floor came in grey color to give a great color contrast. The bathroom included a sink, toilet, and a wall mounted shower faucet that its area could be separated from the rest of the bathroom using a beautiful curtain that comes in white color with colored big circles to add some color to the bathroom. The bathroom sets come in white color matching with the walls, while the toilet seat came in grey color to match with the flooring, a really simple and nice touch. In addition, a simple minimalist rectangular mirror is mounted on the wall above the sink with a small shelf under it, while you cans see some wall hooks placed beside the sink to hand towels, and a nice plant is put in the bathroom to add a decorative touch. This whole small apartment is a great example on how to manage small spaces smartly to obtain a nice home.

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