Open plan studio lofts provide a huge blank canvas on which to base your home layout, but sometimes a blank canvas can be a daunting prospect! Take a look at theses clever loft layouts that maintain a free flowing atmosphere whilst evoking feelings of cozy home comfort

Studio Lofts 1

Via Archinteriors vol. 27 Luxurious lighting arrangements are all important in interiors without boundaries, clusters of smaller pendant shades or large statement lights help to create zoning in wide open spaces, drawing the eye to the center of each allocated area and encouraging a visual pause. Apart from the aesthetics of your decorative shades, task lighting must be considered for practical reasons-you don’t want to be carrying a lamp from area to area with you!

Studio Lofts 2

Studio Lofts 3

Above 2 via Joao F Elias

Studio Lofts 4

Via Anderson De Alencar

Studio Lofts 5

The flow of furniture placement can be a tricky thing to get right when given completely free reign, you don’t want to create a cold environment where all of your pieces hug the walls, appearing almost apologetic for their existence, but it is crucial to create clear walkways so that getting from A to B doesn’t become an obstacle course.

Studio Lofts 6

Above 2 via Kattie

Studio Lofts 7

Studio Lofts 8

Above 2 via Exorbit Art

Studio Lofts 9

By Perseverance Design

Studio Lofts 10

Via Geeduubraak

Studio Lofts 11

Try forming an L-shape with your living room furniture, and run your dining table along the back of the sofa to create subtle ‘walling’ of zones, or for a more sociable space consider incorporating a dining suite into a square formation with lounge pieces.

Studio Lofts 12

Above 2 via Openhouse 3D

Studio Lofts 13

Via Gianghoang1911

Studio Lofts 14

Via Tearte Digital

Studio Lofts 15

Via Airbnb

Studio Lofts 16

Via 3D Shine

Studio Lofts 17

Via Figura  

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