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Amazing craftsmanship does not happen overnight. Rather, it evolves throughout decades. Skills are honed, practiced and developed to perfection, and mistakes are omitted through trial and error. Once  these skills are perfected, they are taught to the next generation and the next, and so it goes, on and on — creating a time-tested and perfected craft. This is why Italian household goods are the best— artisans have been developing their skills for centuries. Dating back to the years of BC, Italian’s were creating household items out of stone, glass and wood. Italian artisans honed their skills and created an everlasting history in the crafts of furniture making, stoneware and glassware. They say that a creative spirit is hereditary. Well, this seems to be true when it comes to Italian artisans. Time has proven it. Today, Italy remains one of the ultimate destinations for luxury goods, and as you will see in this article, the creative spirit has expanded to numerous household goods. Inside or out, Italian sophistication and high-quality luxury is something that every home deserves. This is why Italian household goods are the best choice:

Why Italian Household Goods Are The Best Choice 2

 Italian Decor Is Luxurious If any country has cornered the market on sophistication and luxury, it is Italy. One just needs to visit the historic regions of Tuscany, Campania, or Northern regions of Friuli Venezia Giulia, to experience luxury. Amazing architecture is everywhere, indoors and out. Columns, stone archways, trims, furnishings….everything is well-made, hand-made and of the utmost quality and craftsmanship. While most of us don’t have the opportunity to just pack up and move to Italy, we can experience its craftsmanship and quality in our own homes. In fact, there are numerous ways to add luxury goods into your home. Sometimes, it can be as simple as adding gold chairs around your dining room table (as seen in the image below) or hanging a stunning crystal chandelier. Whether we import tile from Italy to use in our bathrooms, or we find local artisans in our own countries who mimic these time-tested skills—either way, we can bring a taste of Italy into our lives. If you do visit Italy, bring a big suitcase that will fit all of the amazing items that you will definitely want to bring home.

Why Italian Household Goods Are The Best Choice 3

Italian Tile and Stone Work The use of stone and tile in Italian design is endless. Glorious rooms can be covered in marble, inlaid tile designs, travertine, and colorful terra cotta. In fact, some of the largest deposits of travertine stone are located in Trivoli, Italy.  Architect, Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, was the first to record the properties and characteristics of travertine during his life that dates back to 75BC- 15BC. The use of stone in Italian building materials dates so far back in history! It is amazing to see a lot of these ancient traits and techniques still in use today. These time-tested techniques are the reason for the lasting Italian quality that everyone desires. While a lot of this stone is expensive, it is worth the investment. Consider using gleaming marble or travertine in your bathroom or entryway, or rustic terra cotta in your kitchen— there are so many ways to incorporate tile into your home. Since it is so costly, use it where you will get the biggest impact. It’s a luxury that you will want to make room for.

Why Italian Household Goods Are The Best Choice 4

Italian Glass Household Goods & Accessories Murano, Italy is the home of the artfully famous Murano glassware. This gleaming glassware tradition has a rich history that dates all the way back to the Roman Empire! Murano glass is used in various decorative objects, chandeliers, and stemware. It can be clear and crystalline or bright and colorful. Due to these varying uses and appearances, Murano glass can easily be incorporated into any decor. The most common object of desire for most designers and homeowners is the Murano glass chandelier. It is easy to see why these elegant and elaborate chandeliers are so crave-worthy.  The gleam of a clear, crystal chandelier in a sophisticated dining room, or the glow of colorful crystals in an eclectic kitchen, surely add that final decorating touch. Consider looking online to find a one-of-a-kind piece of Murano glassware for your home, or maybe you should finally take that dream trip to an Italian villa to bring home your glass treasures.

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Italian Furniture Furniture and lighting places 9th out of 2014′s top 10 Italian exports, according to World’s Top Exports. When one looks at Italian furniture, it is easy to see why it has made this top ten list. Italian furnishings are elegant, sophisticated and timeless. The carved curved legs, the inlaid gilt and trims and the deep tones of richly polished wood—all combine into extraordinary Italian furniture. As with most other Italian styles, the art of furniture making travels far back in Italian history. Some of the most exquisite furniture lines can be traced back to small, Italian family-owned businesses. This art form was passed throughout generations and retains its high-quality today. This is not to say that Italian’s have stuck only to traditional stylings. Let’s read below to see what is happening on the modern front.

Why Italian Household Goods Are The Best Choice 6

Modern Italian Household Goods While history reigns in the design of most Italian household goods, modernizing these goods for more minimalist tastes has definitely become a large part of the Italian marketplace. While wood was mainly used in traditional Italian furnishes, some furniture makers are modernizing by using new materials such as plastic, steel and resin. Yes, just as the rest of the world has modernized, Italy has, too. The pull of rich history remains, but now runs parallel to a more modern sister. This more minimalist design features simple, clean lines, yet still nods to Italian taste by remaining sophisticated and unique. The bathroom in the image below is a perfect example of what is coming out of the modern Italian furniture market—It’s easy to see why this trend is so desirable.

Why Italian Household Goods Are The Best Choice 7

After reading this, we are sure a trip to Italy is now on your bucket list. In the meantime, try to mimc this amazing heritage by including some Italian household goods into your decor today.  There are plenty of online storefronts that make Italian household goods available, and you will be surprised to see that there is a price point for everyone. When designing your home, remember to include a touch of luxurious tile, Murano glass, or elegant Italian furniture. If you are more of a minimalist, then look to the modern Italian furniture makers that are popping up everywhere. What Italian household good would you like to own?

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