Who wasn’t waiting impatiently for the spring coming? We all suffered from a long cold winter where we were deprived of enjoying some fresh air in our outdoors. Now with the beginning of the spring and summer coming, it’s time to prepare our gardens and outdoors to be ready to host beautiful summery nights with family and friends. To enjoy a charming night in the garden or even in the balcony where we love to have some chatting with friends while enjoying a snack or a dinner in the refreshing ambience of the spring & summer, we need a nice lighting system that creates a charming atmosphere without being too much luminous. Take a look on the pictures below, you will find a selection of most fashionable lighting accessories for your garden or your terrace. If you are looking for the best straight lighting for your outdoor, the answer is the light rolls of course; they frame the outline of the terrace, the pool, the door or the garden stairs to allow illuminating slightly the space once the dark falls. This kind of outdoor lighting is available in different colors for a more decorative touch. The solar pikes planted in grass illuminate the garden with a light & romantic touch. You’ll love this dragonfly model taking all the rainbow colors which create a very aesthetic and distinguished look. For a very romantic ambience, opt for lanterns with candles; candles create the most charming effect. Lanterns are now available in various shapes & designs from the most traditional to the most minimalist; they are also available in almost all colors to add a decorative touch while illuminating the outdoor softly. By hanging a series of lanterns in height having candles in different colors to soften the space with a delicate light, you will create a very charming atmosphere; ideal for romantic evenings. Any garden, terrace or even balcony should be decorated with plant pots… so, what if those pots are lightings as well? Modern LED pots are now available on the market, with very pretty colors in different sizes; they are considered as multifunctional accessories as they serve as traditional plant pots as well as lighting items. You might never think of this solution, but I assure you it’s a very functional one: illuminating the floor! Why not? Since this alternative is discreet and very efficient; it diffuses a nice lighting enough to illuminate the garden or the terrace thanks to recessed lights built-in inside the floor. In the garden you can plant those floor lightings within grass to not get lost in the darkness.

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